A Great Place to Start A Family in New York City

February 22, 2018 | By Amelina Castillo

The Uptown vs Downtown debate has always been present in the NYC real estate market. However, it becomes a more serious question when buyers find themselves with a growing family.





Below are five reasons why new families should consider Uptown Manhattan when choosing a new home:




  1. Stretch Your Dollar: Having babies is expensive! Between diapers and baby food, new families may find themselves looking for ways to cut other costs. While the median sale price in Manhattan is $1.1 million, it is only about $513K in Washington Heights.* That is a big difference and could be the start to a college savings account! 
  2. Expand Your Space: Because prices are lower in Uptown, buyers can get more bang for their buck! $550K can for sure get you the much needed second bedroom for the newest addition of the family. Good luck finding that in Midtown. 
  3. Parks Galore: Who needs a back yard when you’ve got parks like Ft. Tryon Park and Inwood Hill Park within walking distance? Each of these offers plenty of space for kids to play in and stunning views for parents to enjoy. There’s also always different activities for all members of the family!
  4. Education: Schools are always a family’s biggest concern during their real estate search. And for good reason- you want to make sure that the college savings account gets properly used in the future.  Muscota New School is an excellent start! Its “progressive learning environment” focuses on art and parental involvement, and has helped it earn a 10/10 rating on Zillow!**
  5. Higher Resale Values: It’s no secret that prices are quickly rising. This past year alone, Uptown has seen prices rise about 4.2%, and I can assure you prices are only going up! That’s great news for growing families who may need to sell their one bedroom, bachelor pads to upgrade to a second or third bedroom to house all the little humans!


* https://streeteasy.com/blog/november-2017-market-reports/

** https://insideschools.org/school/06M314


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