Buying and Selling

April 9, 2018 | By Thomas Rainey

Buying in New York is complicated. This blog is about asking the right questions and start a conversation. A skilled Real Estate Agent gets to the center of their clients goals in order to facilitate a smooth transaction for all parties.  



Do you?:

Own an apartment and want to upgrade!
Own an apartment and want to downgrade!
Want to change neighborhoods?
Do you own out of town and want to move to the City?
Are you looking to buy your first home, but may need to upgrade in a few years?

Scenario #1:  Sell Before You Buy

  • What is the correct pricing of your home?
  • What is the correct Marketing Strategy?
  • What is the correct Timing of Sale (On market and expected close)
  • Can you leaseback after close?
  • Should you rent after close?
  • Can you make offers on a new home after you are in contract?

Scenario #2:  Buy Before You Sell

  • Do you qualify to purchase without selling your current home?
  • How much do you owe on your current home?
  • What is your target price point to buy and in what neighborhood?
  • Do co-ops allow you to own more than 1 unit at a time?
  • What is the correct timing of both transactions?
  • How do I compete with other buyers in this market?

This only scratches the surface of what you may have questions about.  Everyone’s personal and financial situation is different and will require a different tactic to succeed and get you to the closing table on both your current property and your new one as well.

Written by Thomas Rainey, the Uptown Man

If you have any further questions reach out to me at (347) 239-3117 or at and I’ll guide you through the process.