Doggies Day Off

April 30, 2018 | By Wendy Lo

Are your dogs not the most adorable lil’ canine critters to prance about on four legs? Of course they are! But when was the last time you spent a pampering weekend with your furry fellas? “But Wendy, where do I even start?” Well, paw-nder no longer! 



Kick off the weekend with a classic: a romp in the park. Forget the picnic blanket and wine, your dog wants one thing and one thing only – sniffing every gosh darn thing it can get its little nose on. Trees? Check. Sidewalk? Check. Other dogs? Oh smell yes! A good sniff in the park is like a dog charting the Amazon, so pick one already!

Covering an acre of land on a soft hill in the beautiful Fort Tryon Park, Sir William’s Dog Run is Manhattan’s largest paw-blic dog run.

 It has a helpful division for big and small dogs, so lil’ Rosie won’t spend her day fleeing big, scary Rex. The park also offers eight miles of pathways overlooking breathtaking views of the Hudson River and Palisades, so stroll along and befriend other dogs, raccoons, groundhogs - you name it! Keep in mind that while the park staff leaves gallons of water out in the summer, there’s no fountain so bring your own water and bags!

In addition to its playground and handball/basketball/volleyball courts for fellow humans, J. Hood Wright Park between 173rd and 176th Street offers a nicely sized gravel run for small and medium-size dogs.

The park carries a doggy fountain, bags, and a handful of benches. It even offurs a scenic view of the GW Bridge from atop a boulder, so what the chew toy are you waiting for?

For a ruff workout, look no further than Highbridge Park’s steep outdoor staircase. Race your dog to the top – winner gets a biscuit! If you’re not in the mood to tone your glutes and prefer a traditional dog run, Highbridge Park has you covered! The park’s gravel dog run offers separate areas for large and small dogs and plenty of shaded seating to relax and petwork.  


Now that your littlest family members are all exhausted and hungry, fuel your bonding with a tasty treat. But you wouldn’t want the same meal each day, would you? Go outside the box and surprise your pooch with a brand new treat. 

Spoiled Brats, on 181st Street and Bennett Ave, carries all-natural, holistic pet food and delivers for free within an hour.

If their extensive selection doesn’t have what you're looking for, they’ll even special order it for you! 


Farther up north by 206th Street and Broadway, Furry Fiends is another locally owned store with a great selection of pet food. 

I hear their freeze dried liver treats are pawsitively amazing. The staff is extremely personable, laidback, and knowledgeable about pet health and nutrition, AND are more than happy to arrange special orders and free delivery! Order away and tell your furry friends, “Bon A-pet-treat!”


There is no better way to pamper your furry babies than a trip to the dog spa! Dog spas are like people spas with more legs. That bath, nail trim, and haircut will revitalize your pet so much you’ll want your nails done next! Try not to get too jealous though. Today is all about your pupsicle. Remember?

Alberto’s Pet Shop on 8 Payson Avenue in Inwood will leave your pooch looking fetch and feeling like a star. Don’t be deterred by the small and no frill storefront. Alberto’s team will give your pup the perfect groom and leave it smelling great for weeks! Appointments are encouraged but they’ll take you in a pinch. Services are cash only but reasonably priced. Returning customers also receive discounted ear cleaning and nail/hair trimming. 

If you’re up for a trek, Harlem Doggie Day Spa on 147th Street offers a full range of doggie spa services from pawdicure to blueberry facials! There are special grooms for each breed. If your pooch ever needs to stay overnight, they also provide cage free boarding. Keep in mind prices vary depending on breed, size, temperament, and coat condition. Don’t forget to make your reservation in advance!

Now what’re you waiting for? I already hear tails wagging. Break out that leash and seize the pawfect weekend with your furry buddies!

Written by Wendy Lo 

If you have any questions about that special day with your furbaby OR purchasing real estate in Manhattan, let's talk! You can reach me anytime at (562) 569-8818 or