Washington Slice: Best Pizza in Washington Heights

April 5, 2018 | By Wendy Lo

George Washington was our first President and Founding Father.  With his stature, the man gets a free pass to express his TLC for uptown neighborhoods by naming Washington Heights and its George Washington Bridge.


Here’s a fun fact: George Washington had the GW Bridge built so he could get the best NY pizza sent to his pad in New Jersey.

Obviously I’m kidding. Grubhub would be the first to tell you that Jersey out of the delivery zone for our uptown pizza. 

Okay, enough jokes. We have to get serious about pizza. Pizza is a New York staple and has been that way since George rocked the wooden teeth. Okay, maybe not that far back but the truth is nobody hates pizza, and had George tried a slice he might just be okay with printing pizza on the dollar bill in lieu of himself. Why else do we have dollar slices anyway?

If you’re in need of an affordable bite, hosting a movie night, or battling temptation for a late night snack, pizza in the Heights has you covered. While you can get pizza pretty much everywhere, I want to highlight a few places in our neighborhood that serve some of the best slices. Washington Heights is too cool a place for you to be ordering from national chains so here’s the local go-to’s for you!


It’s late. You’ve decided that you deserve a late night snack because hunger is a lousy sleep aid, but pretty much everywhere that delivers is closed. If this sounds familiar, get the folks at Koronet Pizza on the phone. Koronet Pizza has been tucked on Broadway and West 172nd St since 1981. Their small storefront is not to be underestimated, as they dish out some of the biggest (and cheapest) slices one would encounter in a lifetime. Order cautiously or it may take a few years before you shake off that food coma. If you’re a toppings person I highly recommend pepperoni or jalapenos. Huge slices = huge amounts of toppings. I swear you can use the crusts as boomerangs if you don’t eat them. But don’t try to throw them, just chew. And chew. And chew.


Did you just get off the subway at 168th street and realize you haven’t had ANY dairy all day? Why not give Como Pizza a try? If you’re a subway commuter in the Heights there is a chance you’ve been passing by this place the without noticing. Don’t worry – never again shall you miss out on what has to be the cheesiest slices in this part of the city. Como is a small, cozy operation that doesn’t skimp on the stringy stuff. They have deals like 2 slices plus a soda for $5. Whether you’re taking it to go or having a pie delivered, Como is here help the lactose tolerant get their cheesy fix.


Dude. Dude. Seriously. This might sound crazy but imagine this: goat cheese, walnuts, and figs sitting atop a square slice that is as crispy on the outside as it is doughy on the inside. Fresco’s Pizzeria on W 187th street has gifted Washington Heights with pizzas made of heavenly concoction of gourmet ingredients. They offer an array of classics and specialty slices (our very own Amelina swears by the white pie!) but it is the quality of the ingredients and ingenuity that separate Fresco’s from the herd. The slices might be a bit more pricey but once you sink your teeth into that first pool of sauce and cheese you’ll realize those dollars weren’t doing a thing for you by sitting in your pocket. Now look at you, eating like a king. Don’t forget to add on some 75 cents tennis ball sized garlic knots when placing an order to impress your fancy friends!


Like good ol’ George, I cannot tell a lie. The truth is I can’t eat pizza every day - I have to show apartments and unfortunately sauce and dress pants don’t mix. Thankfully, when I’m feeling too tired to cook (or a bit naughty) I have these places to hit up. I have also been eyeing Wahizza and Pizza Palace in the neighborhood, and will be sure to write a follow up post once I pay them a visit. In the meantime, give Koronet, Como, and Fesco’s a try. Who knows, you might become the next first President!

Wendy Lo 

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