Todd Fries

Todd Fries

LIC RE Salesperson

No stranger to the ever-evolving dynamics of this unique market. Todd is knowledgeable about the many, varying neighborhoods that comprise our remarkable city. Todd is well prepared and excited to help you move through the process of buying, renting and selling your home with ease and enjoyment.

Finding or selling an apartment or home is an exciting and intensely personal experience. For most people, it is the most significant investment they will make. Todd understands this and is committed to providing each of his clients unparalleled, one on one customer service. He will deliver to you a reality that meets or exceeds your real estate goals and expectations.

Todd has lived in Manhattan since 1990 and has experienced several of his own real estate transactions from walk-up rentals in the West Village and Chelsea to Washington Heights in 2010 (where he purchased his first apartment from Matthew Bizzarro!).

A career in book publishing marketing allowed Todd to work with authors on developing and executing effective, market-moving advertising as well as promotion and branding campaigns. After success in his marketing career the transition to real estate was a natural next step. The skills he acquired as a marketer enable Todd to work with you enthusiastically and support you on the exciting journey of finding your next home. Todd looks forward to hearing from you.

March 2018 by user2123306 , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Ludlow Park, Yonkers, NY.

My husband and I highly recommend Todd Fries. He is professional, knowledgeable and had many helpful suggestions. He truly knew how to deal with all types of seller brokers. We looked at over 20 homes and Todd was always available to answer questions, organize our house tours and explain the process. We truly believe Todd was on our side and helped us purchase the best house given all of our constraints.

We feel fortunate to have found Todd. I would also have to add that we had fun working with Todd.

January 2018 by caitlin47 , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Condo home in 2016 in Riverdale, Bronx, NY.

Todd worked so hard for us! We were very specific with our needs and he was super understanding to them. He even looked into other areas for us that he wasn''t the most familiar with. I always felt he had our best interest at heart, I never felt he was pushing a specific location. I recommend Todd for EVERYONE!!

January 2018 by kimberlyludwig0 , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a home in 2016.

We worked with Todd for over 6 months searching for an apartment to buy. He religiously spent his Sunday''s with us showing many apartments always within our interest and desired neighborhoods. Todd helped us navigate unchartered waters and always made us feel confident in our search. We would not have survived without him and we are so grateful he helped us find our new home! The hardest part for us was the bank approval for the mortgage and every step of the way Todd was there for us whether emailing on our behalf or checking into any question we had. We highly recommend Todd for the personalization he brings to the experience of buying an apartment in New York City.

January 2018 by al oz , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a home in 2016.

We met Todd at an open house he hosted in Washington Height (at the time we were working with a different real estate agent).The apartment he was showing wasn''t a good fit for us. He knew we were not going to pursue this apartment, yet he was very kind to spend the next hour or so talking to us and telling about the neighborhood and the process of buying an apartment (we were looking for our first house). It was completely selfless and genuine act, a rarity in his business.

A few weeks later we decided to stop working with our original real estate agent, who was pushing us to buy a place we did not love. We wanted to find someone who would represent our interests (before theirs). By then we met about a dozen realtors, yet the first (and only) person we thought of, was Todd.

The best decision we made. For the next 6+ months, Todd has become our real estate shepherd, guiding us around Manhattan, showing dozens and dozens of apartments that were of interest to us. When we had our moments of doubt we knew we can talk to him and he would go above and beyond to find the time to talk to us. When we finally found the place we wanted, he was in constant contact with sellers, lawyers and bankers to make the purchase a smooth experience. He is a true professional not just a "real estate agent" he is patient, motivated and the example of how realtors should work with their clients.

When we decide to move again, there is not a doubt in my mind, that Todd will be our go to person to sell and buy our next apartment.

January 2018 by thisisstephenbetts , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Cooperative home in 2016 in Washington Heights, New York, NY.

Todd helped us buy an apartment in Washington Heights. We were first-time buyers, so were daunted by the complex process and had no idea what to expect. Todd guided us through the process effortlessly — prodding us when we needed to do something quickly, and letting us know when we could relax. He was very responsive to our questions, without being overbearing. We totally felt we could trust Todd, and felt supported and reassured through the whole process. Friendly, smart, personable and assured — we recommend Todd very highly.

January 2018 by zuser20161024145907658 , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Condo home in 2017 in Hamilton Heights, New York, NY.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Todd Fries on Zillow while chasing down a lead on my own. He helped me focus my search. He quickly grasped what I needed, where to look, and what compromises made sense for me. When the right place came along, he said, "This feels like your apartment," and he was right! He also shepherded me through a complicated HDFC process and held my hand when things, inevitably, got complicated. Todd is not only a great agent--he''s a great new friend!

January 2018 by jon lipton274 , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Multi Family home in 2017 in Harlem, New York, NY.

As a new buyer in the NYC residential market, I think I tasked Todd with more questions than most clients. As a NYC maven and real estate professional, Todd provided me with most excellent advice with which to make my home-buying decisions.

I could not be more satisfied with my two bedroom co-op.

January 2018 by gndoering , Highly likely to recommend
Showed home in 2017 in South Hadley, MA.

Todd Fries, is always patient, optimistic, and readily available to answer our questions and explain things. We are in our search for our first NYC home now, and Todd is everything we need.

January 2018 by Clement Galloy , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Condo home in 2017 in Morningside Heights, New York, NY.

Working with Todd was a real pleasure from the first time we met to the closing date!

I was impressed by his professionalism and availability along the way. Each week he pre-selected a few places according to our criteria and organized the visits, and then followed up when necessary. He was very accommodating and responsive every time I reached out to him. Finding a home is already enough stressful as it is, I was glad to have Todd to help us.

January 2018 by Julie Polak , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Condo home in 2017 in Morningside Heights, New York, NY.

Finding the perfect place is never easy, especially when you have a busy schedule! Hopefully, Todd was there to squeeze in as many visits as possible every weekend! After a few months, we found what we were looking for and the entire process (visits, offer, negotiation, closing) went smoothly. Todd was always really organized and professional. He was on time, responsive to our emails, and did not hesitate to follow up with the seller''s agent in a timely manner to get all the information we needed. Before each visit, Todd would do his "homeworks" to make sure that he would be able to answer our questions. If you are looking for an agent that you can trust and will remove most of the burden of the apartment search from your shoulders, look no further! You found the right person.