Yodalis Moran

Yodalis Moran

LIC RE Salesperson

Born and raised in Washington Heights, Yodalis Moran is an intimate connoisseur of the neighborhood. Yodalis is no stranger to the buying process as she is a proud co-op owner in the beautiful Ft. George section of Washington Heights. Yodalis describes her own closing day as, “One of the most special days of my life.” She takes great pride in being able to guide her clients through the home buying process to their own closing day with utmost professionalism, integrity and transparency: the Bizzarro way!

Yodalis has a degree in anthropology and a minor in French from Trinity College in Connecticut. Her passion for culture and architecture flourished while she was living abroad in Paris. Yodalis is a lover of ideas, philanthropy, New York City and home décor. In her spare time, Yodalis enjoys people watching, checking out museum exhibitions and discovering new eateries. She is fluent in English, Spanish and conversational French.

January 2018 by Allison Worrell , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Condo home in 2017 in Melrose, Bronx, NY.

Yodalis is an extremely knowledgeable and patient Realtor, who truly looks out for what’s best for her clients. Because of factors outside of our control (low supply, bidding wars, etc.) it took over 6 months for me to find a place. But each time an apartment didn’t work out, Yodalis never lost faith or interest in helping me find a home.

She’s also not afraid to get her hands dirty… I ended up buying an apartment through an estate sale, and tons of stuff was left behind. During a walk-through Yodalis volunteered-- and she helped me get trash and old food out of the apartment. As a first-time homebuyer, she helped simplify what turned out to be a house hunting process filled with lots of roadblocks. I would absolutely recommend her to my friends, family and anyone else looking to buy a home in the Big Apple!

January 2018 by quressa , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Melrose, Bronx, NY.

I''m sitting at my brand new kitchen table, enjoying the feel of a delightful spring breeze through my open back door, and listening to the chirps of birds in my back yard. I even have a tree to enjoy! I never imagined my husband and I could have something like this in NYC, but we do.

Yodalis was a professional, spending a Saturday afternoon showing us around the Bronx. We ended up offering on the last house we saw that day. Through her solid negotiation skills our offer was accepted (we were one of three).

Yodalis was extremely patient with me as a first-time home buyer and was always responsive. She went above and beyond the call of duty when we had issues with other members of our team. I couldn''t recommend her more. She got us to the finish line (after a closing delay of a month) with my sanity intact!

January 2018 by jazzalier , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Cooperative home in 2016 in Morris Park, Bronx, NY.

Yodalis and I have been through just about everything in this home buying process. Dealing with untrustworthy sellers'' agents, being out-bid by an all cash offer, seeing about a dozen apts and dealing with a very unorganized bank, Yodalis was always there offering her assistance and positive energy to keep me focused on the finish line.

While I was out of the country for work she checked out an apartment for me that she thought was overpriced. After seeing a few apartments with me she knew it met my standards and advised that I put in an offer to let the seller know I was interested. She also arranged for me to see the apartment I placed an offer on plus another apt in the same building two days after I returned. With her fantastic negotiation skills, she got the apt within my price range!

Two months after signing the contract, my mortgage broker quit the company. The person who took over my mortgage deleted my application, so I had to start all over. Though I found a new broker I, all of a sudden, no longer qualified for a loan. Yodalis got in touch with the original broker to educate the new broker as to what he was doing wrong. After that call, everything started to fall into place. Unfortunately, the underwriters had a different timeline and delayed the process for months, and the sellers needed more time to find their next home.

Yodalis was there the entire time to make calls and help me out in anyway from looking at apartments in June, the contract signing in Sept, the original closing date of Dec 22nd, until my actual closing date June 19th. Even after closing, the sellers needed to stay in the apartment until their new home was ready, and Yodalis agreed to do my final walk through for me while I''m out of the country for work.

I can not thank her enough for everything she has done and I highly recommend her.

January 2018 by jlsstorres , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a Apartment home in 2017 in University Heights, Bronx, NY.

My husband and I started this long journey of becoming co-op owners with Yodalis in Mid-January. Although it was a lengthy process, she made it much easier with her vast knowledge and expertise. I cannot stress how patient she is. As we are first time home owners, she took her time to answer each and every question as detailed as possible to make sure that we understood the complete process. I especially loved how down to earth she is as she shared with us her own journey to becoming a co-op owner. It made me feel that much more confident in the decisions that my husband and I were making. I have found an apartment that I love thanks to all of her help. It has been a pleasure having her help us make all of these life changing decisions.

January 2018 by rs6578 , Highly likely to recommend
Bought a home in 2017 in Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York, NY 10025.

I spent almost 6 looking for an uptown apt with Yodalis. Although I did not end up buying an apt (personal reasons), Yodalis was exceptionally helpful. She showed me places that offered amenities/investment opportunity/locations that I had not previously considered. I was certain that I was seeing a complete range of apartments available and realistic for my budget.

As a first time buyer, I had many questions about the process, financing, inspections, escrow, coop vs. condo and much more! She was patient and explained everything to me (more than once) and connected me with experts who could answer any specific questions I had. She guided me in making offers and negotiating with the seller''s agent to ensure I was getting the best deal. I never felt pressured and I was confident that she had my best interests at heart.

Finally, Yodalis always had a great attitude and it was a pleasure to spend afternoons/evening looking at apts with her. I never felt rushed or unimportant because of my low for NYC budget. I will definitely call her when I am back in the city and ready to buy again.