Alexander Massac
Alexander Massac
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A veteran New York City Paramedic and former senior member of the Hazardous Materials team, Alexander Dominique Massac lives by the philosophy of human connection. Today, he continues as an active EMS member while working wholeheartedly in the real estate field.

Alex is an enthusiastic world traveler who has lived in NYC, the People’s Republic of China, and Kenya. He earned an MBA from the University of Arizona as well as a Master’s in Emergency Disaster Management from the Metropolitan College of New York.

During his emergency medicine career, Alex’s most valuable lesson learned is that people are fundamentally good and desire to be treated well. He chose to transition to real estate because, like EMS, it is ultimately a job of serving people at the most vulnerable time in their lives. You are in good hands with this calming, good-humored, and consummate professional.