Ivan Patrick
Operations and Account Manager
Ivan Patrick
Office: (917) 979-2259
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Ivan Patrick embarked on his professional journey right after earning his bachelor's degree in Banking and Finance from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He initially started as a call center representative while also pursuing a Bachelor of Laws. Although he chose not to follow a legal career, Ivan consistently stood out as a top performer and assumed leadership roles in every company he joined.

Since early 2022, Ivan has been a pivotal part of The Bizzarro Real Estate Agency, where he serves as the Operations and Head Account Manager. His strategic insights and leadership have significantly contributed to the agency's success.

Ivan is a dedicated husband and father of two children—and his introverted cat, Pochie, who he considers part of the family. In his spare time, he enjoys meditating, jogging, and nurturing his passion for music and technology.