Amin Erfani for Matthew Bizzarro

Amin Erfani for Matthew Bizzarro

Hear more about how Amin and his family found exactly what they were looking for with the help of the Bizzarro Agency!


“We were looking to buy an apartment in Washington Heights. And we had an experience with different brokers and Matthew was recommended to us. Fortunately, he just changed the entire experience. He is not just knowledgeable about the market, but he has connections that are very helpful. He makes the process speedy.

And he’s also reassuring because it’s a very difficult process. Honestly, it’s probably the most difficult thing I’ve seen. And he’s extremely friendly and he’s also very child friendly. He babysat for us almost when we went and visited the apartments. And he’s such a nice guy. I’ve recommended him to three people and I know that they’ve been working with him and they’re very happy.”


-Amin Erfani

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