Cristina & Daniel for Matthew Bizzarro

Hear how the honesty and hard work of Matthew Bizzarro helped qualm Cristina & Daniel’s anxieties surrounding homebuying for a family!


“From the first time I spoke with Matthew, he was attentive, he was responsive, he had very thorough, honest answers and he was great to work with throughout the whole process of our search. We were searching for a long time so it was really good to have to have him as a resource. ”

“He educated us throughout the way as well because we are first time buyers. We knew nothing about the market or how to negotiate or any of those things. His knowledge of the area came in really handy for that because we had lived in the area for many, many years as renters, but we weren’t familiar with the buildings in the area as buyers.

We didn’t necessarily know “is this co-op board crazy, you know, is this building financially sound.” And he had a sense of which ones we might want to avoid and which ones were actually really great buildings that he knew for a fact would be a wonderful place to live. And our daughter would now have a bedroom of her own because we had always been in a one bedroom, a rent stabilized one bedroom, which is how we saved in order to buy a place.”


-Cristina & Daniel

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Taisha for Matthew Bizzarro at the Bizzarro Agency

Check out how the Bizzarro Agency handled all of the home-buying hoops, and helped Taisha felt heard and satisfied!


“I would recommend the Bizzarro Agency because they listen to what we’re looking for. They are very to the point, they have the resources that all home home buyers need when buying a home and they’re the best.

I mean, I can’t say it. There’s no words to describe, the experience they made us feel. ”




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Ramon Baez for Thomas Rainey

Check out Ramon Baez’s experience with Thomas Rainey and the Bizzarro Agency was satisfying from start to finish!


“The reason I would recommend Tom and the Bizzarro Agency in general is because they kind of bring you in. They get to know your personality, they get to know you as a person. And Tom was great. Everything from the beginning all the way to the end.

He was there, he helped me find contractors, he helped me take a look at a few other apartments in the neighborhood. And once he got to know more or less like what we were looking for, he helped me find a wonderful attorney and he was able to explain everything in detail all the way to the end. And I really appreciate that.

The Bizzarro Agency itself, you know, once I got to know more of the people in the Bizzarro Agency, I guess I understand why they’re so special. I really appreciate everyone there.”


-Ramon Baez

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Juan Botero for Matthew Bizzarro

#PeopleOverProperty is our motto! Hear Juan Botero’s personal experience with The Bizzarro Agency and Matthew Bizzarro.


“I’d recommend the Bizzarro Agency specifically because you feel you’re working with a friend more than just a sales person. They’re really interested in finding the right pace for you. Whether you know you’re looking for a family area or you’re working, looking for like a solo loft or whatever.

They’ll really work with you as a friend, more than a pushy sales person. And now we’ve been lucky to find a place that we found through Matthew that I think we wouldn’t have found with somebody else.”


-Juan Botero


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Juan Toro for the Bizzarro Agency

Check out how our life-long client Juan Toro’s empowering experience educated him about the homebuying process along the way.


“Well, I have to say that I had no idea how much of a family atmosphere the Bizzarro Agency creates. I was very lucky to find Wendy as my agent. My first conversation with her was, “I don’t know what I’m doing. I need help for me to see”. She was very methodical and taking me through exactly what I needed to do, the steps I needed to take. She kind of took me by the hand and led me.

It was really important for us to be heard as to what we want in the price range we had. She gave us excellent attention, personalized, professional, efficient, reply to emails and calls right away. She was with us at the closing, held our hand through the whole day. I’m a Bizzarro guy for life with this kind of attention, you know, it’s marvelous.”


-Juan Toro

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George Cho for the Bizzarro Agency

George Cho is one of the incredible people Matthew Bizzarro helped find a home in 2018.


“The Bizzarro Agency. Wendy is a rock star; very, very helpful. I didn’t know exactly where I was looking for, and Wendy was very patient in creating that space for me. Moving from Manhattan to Harlem and eventually to the Bronx, and she was very flexible.

The soft sell attitude is really the draw because they’re not, you don’t feel like, Oh my gosh, I feel obligated. I need to work with Wendy, or I need to work with Matthew. You feel very comfortable and the attention that you get, you feel like you’re the only client. So that’s a very comforting feeling. ”


-George Cho

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Benny Campiz for Matthew Bizzarro

Check out how Benny’s positive homebuying experience happened with the help of Matthew Bizzarro!


“My name is Benigno and I am a client of the Bizzarro Agency. I’ve known Matt, the owner, for a long time. He helped my wife and I get our first house. By now, we have already paid almost half of our loan and it has been a pleasure to stay in touch with him while watching some new opportunities to get our dream house; the second house. That will be the house of our dreams.

I strongly suggest everyone takes a look at Matt. He is an extraordinary person, he has an amazing team, and I have nothing but great things to say about the Bizzarro Agency. ”


-Benigno Campiz

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Aurelie Erfani for Matthew Bizzaro

When it was time for her family to buy a home, Aurelie’s experience with the Bizzarro Agency left her feeling confident and comfortable.


“About two years ago, my husband was ready; it was the right time to buy an apartment here in Manhattan. When we started the process we saw one or two real estate agents and they did not make me feel comfortable or confident. And then we met Matthew and it as great because he understands the process and the anxieties that come with it, especially when you are a family. We have children that we take with us when we visit the apartments.

He knows the neighborhood and the options available. He’s very patient and always does things in cheerful way, and we felt completely confident, like we were with a friend. Whenever we can, we reccommend his services to our friends who are also very very happy. It was a very good experience.”


-Aurelie Erfani

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Uriel Durr for Matthew Bizzarro

With the Bizzarro Agency, lifelong client Uriel Durr had a wonderful homebuying experience that was more about the money.


“Hi, my name is Uriel Durr. I’ve been knowing Matt Bizzarro for about the past 15 years, and that is one of the most honest and moral people I’ve ever met. He’s a wonderful person.

It’s not always about the money, it’s about how he serves his customers and his community. So if you’re looking to buy or sell a property, call Matt at the Bizzarro agency. They’ll do you a great job”


-Uriel Durr

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Amin Erfani for Matthew Bizzarro

Hear more about how Amin and his family found exactly what they were looking for with the help of the Bizzarro Agency!


“We were looking to buy an apartment in Washington Heights. And we had an experience with different brokers and Matthew was recommended to us. Fortunately, he just changed the entire experience. He is not just knowledgeable about the market, but he has connections that are very helpful. He makes the process speedy.

And he’s also reassuring because it’s a very difficult process. Honestly, it’s probably the most difficult thing I’ve seen. And he’s extremely friendly and he’s also very child friendly. He babysat for us almost when we went and visited the apartments. And he’s such a nice guy. I’ve recommended him to three people and I know that they’ve been working with him and they’re very happy.”


-Amin Erfani

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