Jessica McCool for Matthew Bizzarro

Hear about how the lovely Jessica’s second time working with the Bizzarro Agency was smooth “sale-ing.”


“This is my second time working with Bizzarro and it was amazing. We sold, we just sold something yesterday and we just closed and it was great. It was super easy, super easy to work with.

They make everything you don’t have to think about anything. They take great pictures, post it in all the places that they need to be posted, and your times, and it was great.”


-Jessica McCool


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Craig Tharkur for Matthew Bizzarro

We’re so happy to have helped Craig through his personal and gratifying homebuying journey.


“You know, being able to hop on a train and being shot downtown and less than 30, 45 minutes, it’s affordable. It’s convenient. I love the green space. And again, affordability. It’s just great.

You just couldn’t beat the deal that you were getting and working with Bizzarro, uh, they know the neighborhood and they understand it. And I really felt like everything that they showed me, I was seeing it before anyone else.”


-Craig Tharkur

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Joey McKneely for Matthew Bizzarro

Press play to hear about how Joey’s personal and empowering homebuying journey happened with the help of Matthew Bizzarro!


“What I like, I should say, what I love about the Bizzarro Agency and Matt, is there was no bullshit. And in New York city there was so much, like angling about trying to sell me on an apartment. Matthew said, look, here’s this apartment is this for you? As opposed to let me show you as many apartments as possibly good to get the sale.

And I really appreciated that he was not trying to overtly sell me any apartment. He really focused on what he thought was the right apartment for me. I found the perfect apartment and no one else got to see it before me, so I actually kind of jumped on it.”


-Joey McKneely

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Aryo Wicaksono for Matthew Bizzarro

Discover how Aryo’s empowering homebuying experience happened with the help of Matthew Bizzarro.


“Immediately, I thought Matthew was very trustworthy and he explained everything in detail about the pros and cons about the building and all of the details of the financials. And as a first time home buyer, you really, you know, help you hold your hand for a young person.

I think he empowered us to give the idea that it’s actually possible for us young people to find a way to buy and become middle-class and have a life that you want in a very nice neighborhood. And it was very reassuring. I thought it was one of the best decisions I’ve had in my life.”


-Aryo Wicaksono

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Joshua Huff for Matthew Bizzarro

Check out how Joshua Huff ended up exactly where he wanted to be with the help of Matthew Bizzarro!

“We went through so many agents and so many places, and finally found a place with Matthew. It was actually the very first one that we wound up settling on, and we are still in the same building all this time later.

I think he listens. I think that was the biggest thing, and that was a big takeaway for me. The fact that he nailed it the first time was just like, you know, kind of an ideal thing, and that’s exactly what you want to do as someone who works in his line of work, all of Uptown’s incredible. This is kind of where we want it to wind up.”


-Joshua Huff

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Abigail Mentzer & Andrew Cappelli for Matthew Bizzaro

The amazing Abigail Mentzer and Andrew Cappeli were delighted to get everything they needed in a homebuying experience with the help of Matthew Bizzarro.


“Matt came extremely highly recommended. He reached out to him. We talked to three or four other realtors as well, and there was just no contest. The personal care, attention to detail. A much more personal experience than I thought it was going to be.

You know, with Matt and everybody in his office that we ever spoke to, there was a personal connection. They knew who we were, they knew what we wanted to talk about, and they wanted to make sure that we got what we needed.”


-Andrew Cappeli & Abigail Mentzer

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Your Bizzarro Buyer’s Agent- Part Two

Even for an experienced home buyer, the New York market can be overly complicated that’s where The Bizzarro Agency comes in.


Negotiation Skills: Bizzarro agents are highly trained and experience negotiators, getting you the best price and terms.

Volumes of Paperwork: You and your agent will work with a specialised team to compile 300 page application packages.

Professional Networking: We keep great relationships with highly skilled lawyers, banks, etc., that are at your disposal.

Keen Market Awareness: We pour through real time housing data analysis and have our fingers on the pulse of market trends.

Way Beyond Closing: We strive to become your number one real estate resource for life, always ready and able to help.

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Your Bizzarro Buyer’s Agent

Even for an experienced home buyer, the New York market can be overly complicated that’s where The Bizzarro Agency comes in.


Hyper-Local Expert: We live uptown and have hyper-local knowledge. We know the available inventory and what’s coming up.

Serious Experience: You don’t need to know everything about buying real estate when you hire a professional who does.

Buffers & Bodyguards: Don’t get spammed by others! Save time and energy by only seeing the best properties in NYC.

Trust & Confidentiality: We promote and protect the interests of our buyers, acting as trusted advisors and confidants.

Master Guidance: We guide you through forms, procedures and more, providing a seamless buying experience

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Acing Your Co-op Board Interview

Co-op board interviews don’t have to be hard!


Follow these 5 tips to make it painless!

1. Manage your online reputation. Board members are going to Google you! Take down those party photos and censor controversial posts

2. Be on time. Punctuality is important so arrive five minutes early. Allow extra time for parking or train delays

3. Know how to answer those tough questions. They could ask about salary changes or multiple moves. Whatever you answer, make sure it matches what’s on your application.

4. Keep it simple. Be direct, polite and answer all questions fully, but don’t offer too much additional information.

5. Dress professionally. First impressions are important. Business casual works best.

If you follow these steps, then you’ll be moving into your new apartment in no time.

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Between Contract and Closing in Co-ops

Purchases in co-ops must first be approved by the building’s board.


In order to be considered, buyers must submit a purchase application that includes tax returns, recommendation letters, financial statements and much, much more. Clients of The Bizzarro Agency work with a dedicated Client Success Manager that compiles and submits their purchase application.

For those financing, the mortgage lender will start by conducting an appraisal and verifying the property’s value. After a successful appraisal the bank will issue a Commitment Letter (thus completing the purchase application).

After reviewing the purchase application, the co-op board will either ask the buyer for an interview or deny their application. Pending board approval, a closing date is set by the attorneys.

Lastly, the buyer conducts a final walkthrough 24 – 48 hours before closing.

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