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May 2024: Brooklyn Real Estate Update | Insights with Matthew Bizzarro

In May 2024, the Brooklyn real estate market is presenting intriguing trends and shifts. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for both buyers and sellers looking to make informed decisions. Here’s a detailed overview of the current market conditions in Brooklyn.

Market Overview

As of May 2024, the median sold price in Brooklyn stands at $965,000, reflecting a slight increase of 0.5% from the previous year. However, the market shows a mixed picture when broken down by property type:

  • Four-bedroom homes: Increased by 1.6%
  • One-bedroom properties: Decreased by 4.8%
  • Two-bedroom properties: Decreased by 3.6%
  • Five or more bedrooms: Decreased by 6.7%

Inventory and Sales Trends

The current inventory levels in Brooklyn are at 4,463 units, showing a marginal decrease from the previous month. This change is consistent across most segments except for properties with five or more bedrooms, which saw an increase of 3.3%.

The number of homes sold in April remained steady at 378, with 93% of these homes selling at or under the asking price. The average time on the market decreased by 5.6%, with homes spending about 101 days on average.

Implications for Buyers and Sellers

For buyers, the market presents opportunities, particularly in segments where prices have decreased. One and two-bedroom properties, as well as multi-family properties with five or more bedrooms, offer potential for negotiation and value. Buyers should be prepared for quicker transactions, especially in high-demand categories like four-bedroom homes.

For sellers, attention to pricing strategies and market velocities is crucial. With most homes selling at or below the asking price, competitive pricing and strategic marketing can make a significant difference in attracting buyers.


Keeping up with these market trends is essential for making strategic real estate decisions. Whether buying or selling in Brooklyn, understanding these insights can help you navigate the market effectively and capitalize on current opportunities.

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