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May 2024: Navigating the Manhattan Real Estate Shifts: Prices, Trends, and Predictions

In May 2024, Manhattan's real estate market is showcasing dynamic shifts, offering both challenges and opportunities for buyers and sellers. Understanding these fluctuations can significantly impact your real estate strategies. Here's an in-depth look at the current trends and what they mean for you.

Market Overview

As of April 2024, the median sold price in Manhattan stands at $1,356,000, reflecting a slight dip of 0.9% from last year. This minor decrease highlights how even small fluctuations can influence the market:

  • One-bedroom properties: Decreased by 3%
  • Two and three-bedroom properties: Remained stable
  • Four-bedroom homes: Increased significantly by 99.8%
  • Five-bedroom properties: Decreased by 15.2%

Inventory and Sales Trends

Inventory has seen a month-to-month decrease of 1.3%, with 6,986 homes available for sale. Key insights include:

  • One-bedroom homes: Decreased by 2.3%
  • Five-bedroom homes: Increased by 3.4%

The number of homes sold in April rose to 523, marking an 11.5% increase from the previous month. Notably, 98% of these homes sold at or below the asking price. However, the average time on the market increased from 49 days to 115 days, indicating a 135% rise.

Implications for Buyers and Sellers

For buyers, especially those interested in one-bedroom and luxury properties, lower prices offer more affordability and better negotiation power. Conversely, sellers of four-bedroom homes are benefiting from higher demand and increased prices.

Overall, the market shows signs of cooling, evidenced by slight decreases in median prices and extended time on the market. This cooling period can present unique opportunities for both buyers and sellers to navigate their strategies effectively.


Staying informed about these market shifts is crucial for making strategic real estate decisions. Whether you're considering buying or selling in Manhattan, understanding these trends can help you capitalize on the current market dynamics.

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