The Bizzarro Agency is able to refer you to vetted mortgage lenders and real estate attorneys that know how to navigate the city’s competitive marketplace.

In order to ensure a smooth real estate transaction, it’s essential to build a good team that works well with you and with each other. There are a lot of parties involved—the buildings, boards, management companies, listing agents—so having local experts provides you with a distinct advantage.

The Perfect Real Estate Team

Bizzarro Agency Buyer’s Agent

The Bizzarro Agency is a nationally recognized award winning team with over fifty years of combined experience. No matter if you’re searching for a co-op, condo or townhouse, rely on them to determine a strategy based on your needs, how much you can afford and current market conditions.

As buyer’s agents, they represent your fiduciary interests in the real estate transaction. They search, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer, guiding and assisting you through every step of the New York City home buying process.

The Real Estate Attorney

Once a seller has accepted your offer, you will need to hire a real estate attorney to prepare and negotiate the details of the contract. It’s important to choose an attorney that specializes in New York City residential real estate. Bizzarro Agency buyer’s agents have an excellent network of real estate attorneys specializing in the NYC market.

The Mortgage Lender

Mortgage lenders exist to get their clients pre-approvals and to make the specific loan an individual is seeking. The New York City market is different from all other U.S. markets thus requiring lenders familiar with the purchasing process. Bizzarro Agency buyer’s agents have an excellent network of mortgages lenders specializing in the NYC market that may even be able to cover your closing costs.

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