The decision to purchase property in New York City is the start of an exciting journey! Choosing Upper Manhattan as your destination could be a rewarding decision. According to StreetEasy, prices tend to be 40-50% more affordable than the rest of Manhattan.

Even for an experienced home buyer, the New York market can be complicated. You’ll need an experienced professional to navigate you through the process. That’s where The Bizzarro Agency comes in:

Benefits of Bizzarro Agency Buyer’s Agents:

Hyper-Local Expertise
We live uptown and have hyper-local knowledge. We know the available inventory and what’s coming up.

Master Guidance
We guide you through forms, procedures and more, providing a seamless buying experience.

Professional Networking
We keep great relationships with highly skilled lawyers, bankers, etc. that are at your disposal.

Serious Experience
You don’t need to know everything about buying real estate when you hire a professional who does.

Negotiation Skills
Bizzarro Agency agents are highly trained and experienced negotiators, getting you the best price and terms.

Keen Market Awareness
We pour through real time housing data analysis and have our fingers on the pulse of market trends.

Trust & Confidentiality
We promote and protect the interests of our buyers, acting as trusted advisors and confidants.

Volumes of Paperwork
You and your agent will work with a specialized team to compile application packages that are over 300 pages.

Way Beyond Closing
Our mission is to become your number one real estate resource for life, always ready and able to help.

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