Buying in a Walk-Up

Sure, it’s cheaper than an elevator building, but will climbing a few flights of stairs each day be worth it?


The down sides are pretty obvious… Physical exertion, such as schlepping groceries, will take its toll. And if you have an injury those stairs become a significant obstacle. Contractors and moving companies will likely charge you more. And be prepared to tip your Seamless delivery person extra or meet them in the lobby. But there are some significant benefits to buying in a walk-up!

You could save up to 25% in comparison to a similar unit in an elevator building. And the higher you go, the more you’ll save. Maintenance fees are likely to be lower because there is no need to inspect and maintain elevators on a regular basis. Taxes will probably be lower too since elevator buildings are assessed at a higher rate.

You may become a more organized and efficient person, because who wants to go up and down for a forgotten item? Just remember — try before you buy.


Want to avoid the stairs? Check out Àgueda Ramírez, Licensed Real Estate Agent at The Bizzarro Agency, with the benefits to a ground floor apartment.