Cristina & Daniel for Matthew Bizzarro

Cristina & Daniel for Matthew Bizzarro

Hear how the honesty and hard work of Matthew Bizzarro helped qualm Cristina & Daniel’s anxieties surrounding homebuying for a family!


“From the first time I spoke with Matthew, he was attentive, he was responsive, he had very thorough, honest answers and he was great to work with throughout the whole process of our search. We were searching for a long time so it was really good to have to have him as a resource. ”

“He educated us throughout the way as well because we are first time buyers. We knew nothing about the market or how to negotiate or any of those things. His knowledge of the area came in really handy for that because we had lived in the area for many, many years as renters, but we weren’t familiar with the buildings in the area as buyers.

We didn’t necessarily know “is this co-op board crazy, you know, is this building financially sound.” And he had a sense of which ones we might want to avoid and which ones were actually really great buildings that he knew for a fact would be a wonderful place to live. And our daughter would now have a bedroom of her own because we had always been in a one bedroom, a rent stabilized one bedroom, which is how we saved in order to buy a place.”


-Cristina & Daniel

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