A Few Testimonials

May 14, 2018 | By Evan Paliotta

With any business, the goal is to deliver value.  I have something to offer, and someone else values it enough to act on what I’m offering-that’s all business is.  In real estate, we’re essentially consultants: you have a desired outcome, and we have the means (information, relationships, and expertise) to get you there.  

Below are a few testimonials from client’s who really appreciated the value I brought to their lives:


We're so happy to have worked with Evan for our first apartment purchase! He turned what we thought would be a stressful, complicated process into a smooth, fun ride! We were working with difficult time and other constraints, but Evan went above and beyond at every stage of the process. He kept us constantly updated, got us into apartments quickly until we found the right one, then helped us present a solid offer and board application (with the help of his team), got us ready for our board interview, and, finally, for closing. In fact, even after closing, he's been really helpful with some additional questions we had. Not only is Evan knowledgeable and professional, he is also incredibly positive and friendly. We will definitely be recommending him to anyone we know looking for a place in NY!


Evan was by far the best agent I've ever worked with! Got me in and out of a huge quantities of showings quickly and efficiently with no hassle, but still took the time to talk about each one that I wanted to look into further. He helped me find the perfect house for my situation, and went above and beyond to get me into it. I've never had an agent go to such distances to get me into the house I wanted.


This was my first home buying experience, but Evan explained the whole process, helped me every step of the way, and there were no surprises. From looking at homes, to putting in bids and getting them accepted, to getting my mortgage and my board package together, Evan and the people at his agency made the process smooth and painless, even though I probably called him 100 times! Thanks for making it happen Evan.

I’ll draw an analogy with dating—looks get you in the door but something deeper keeps you there.  As with many real estate professionals what gets them in the door is the allure to make lots of money and see the lavish apartments.  In reality, you don’t make that much money and don’t get to see the nicest apartments when starting out.  Therefore, what keeps you in the door is not the money, rather the appreciative people you help.  I’d be delighted to help you with any of your real estate needs.

Written by Evan Paliotta

If you’d like me to delve deeper into this or anything real estate, feel free to reach out on my email (Evan@BizzarroAgency.com) or give me a call at (845)548-4278.