Upper Manhattan Parks

June 29, 2018 | By Evan Paliotta

NYC would simply not be the incredible place it is without its parks.  Going to a park on a lovely day with a coffee or lunch and people watching is a free way to seize the day!  When people think of parks in NYC, a few immediately come to mind including Central Park, Washington Square Park, Bryant Park etc.… Most New Yorkers do not venture uptown and they’re sadly missing out on a few hidden gems.  

Alas’ here are a few parks that allow you to step outside of the hustle and bustle and bring a smile to your face:

Fort Tryon Park:

Among the highest points in the city, Fort Tryon has spectacular views of the GW Bridge.  If you’re a history buff like myself, venture over to the Cloisters museum for a lesson on the medieval period.  Make sure to walk twice as slow with your hands behind your back for the full experience!


Inwood Hill Park:

Ever wonder where the Europeans bought Manhattan Island from the unassuming Natives for a few cents and some knick-knacks?  Inwood Hill Park!  Despite it’s history, this park is still amazing to picnic or just to escape.


Morningside Park:

This looks more like the cover for Walden than it does NYC am I right?  Littered with Columbia students on their midday break, this park is a block away from Central Park.  Go to the Western most side of the park for great views of the city. 


Highbridge Park:

With the tower and high altitude, come to Highbridge Park for great views of the Bronx.  Go Yankees!




Jackie Robinson Park:

Get off of the ABCD stop @ 145th street and you’ll find another hidden treasure.  Jackie Robinson Park has the Olympic sized public pool, basketball courts, softball fields, and locals playing dominos on the East side benches. 


Riverside Park:

This 4 mile long park (from 72nd to 158th street) on Manhattan’s West Coast has it all.  Monuments, sports fields, and the best spot to watch the sunset in the city.  Great for the whole family. 



St. Nicholas Park:

Originally settled by the Dutch in the 1600’s this park is a prime spot in hamilton Heights.  Don’t forget to stop by Hamilton Grange for a history lesson on our nation’s first secretary of the treasury.


Written by Evan Paliotta

If you’d like me to delve deeper into this or anything real estate, feel free to reach out on my email (Evan@BizzarroAgency.com) or give me a call at (845)548-4278.