Joey McKneely for Matthew Bizzarro

Joey McKneely for Matthew Bizzarro

Press play to hear about how Joey’s personal and empowering homebuying journey happened with the help of Matthew Bizzarro!


“What I like, I should say, what I love about the Bizzarro Agency and Matt, is there was no bullshit. And in New York city there was so much, like angling about trying to sell me on an apartment. Matthew said, look, here’s this apartment is this for you? As opposed to let me show you as many apartments as possibly good to get the sale.

And I really appreciated that he was not trying to overtly sell me any apartment. He really focused on what he thought was the right apartment for me. I found the perfect apartment and no one else got to see it before me, so I actually kind of jumped on it.”


-Joey McKneely

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