November Market Report

November 08, 2019

  There's a lot to be thankful for this month. Family, friends, Turkey, Tofurky, lasagna. But most importantly you should be thankful for this buyer's market. Bizzarro here and buyers, listen up! I'm coming at you with our November Buyer's Report.   So everybody knows that November is a phenomenal month for sales and deals. What I need you to do is shift your thinking and take that and apply it to the housing market because there are tremendous opportunities out there for you. Now what do I mean by that? We talked last month about an increase in inventory and the numbers are in an inventory has actually ticked up 7.7% that's a large tick for a season like this.   So there is inventory, inventory equals choice. Now everybody always asks me, "How is the pricing?" Well, those numbers came into and actually the pricing in the housing market right now has gone down to the 2015 level. So that is going to allow you to get some great bargains. It's going to allow you to stretch your dollar up to get something a little bit nicer or it's going to allow you to get a better deal and keep your monthly's lower.   The last piece of information I want to share with you, it's not staggering but you really need to hear it. It's that rents are up big surprise, but actually rents are up to an all-time high. So if that is affecting you, it's time. It's time to really look at can I own for the amount of money that I'm paying in rent or can I own for very close to the amount of money I'm paying for and rent and this holiday season, when you're around the table, you may have an opportunity to get support, family and friends to have a conversation about how they might be able to help you move from renter to homeowner.   But bottom line is, and I know this is true, you need to give a call to your Bizzarro Agency Buyer's Agent, and you need to get out there and walk off all the wonderful food that you eat this month, looking at homes bizarro here. And I really appreciate if you know somebody that might benefit from this or someone that's on the fence about homeownership, please share. I love reading your comments. I'll respond to all of them. Just drop them below and I'll see you around the neighborhood.