October Market Report

October 08, 2019

  This Halloween market going to give you a trick or a treat? Bizzarro here, and let's dive right in to the October Buyer's Market.   If you are thinking of buying, listen up: This market is not a market you should be frightened of. In fact, it's the opposite. This is a market where you should get your sugar buzz on and run straight to open houses over the weekend because inventory has made a slight tick up and that's unusual for this time of year, so with an uptick in inventory that means more choice for you, more opportunities to get the home that works for you.   Now you're keeping in mind, in addition to having high inventory, we have continued to remain very low on the interest rates. This allows you to stretch and work your dollar to the maximum potential possible. It is a fantastic time to get out there. This is not a market to be frightened of.   Thank you for watching and do me a favor. If you know someone that's on the fence about this market, send them the video. I love reading your comments. Leave them below. Hit like if you're so inclined as a Bizzarro here and I'll see around the neighborhood.