Ramon Baez for Thomas Rainey

Ramon Baez for Thomas Rainey

Check out Ramon Baez’s experience with Thomas Rainey and the Bizzarro Agency was satisfying from start to finish!


“The reason I would recommend Tom and the Bizzarro Agency in general is because they kind of bring you in. They get to know your personality, they get to know you as a person. And Tom was great. Everything from the beginning all the way to the end.

He was there, he helped me find contractors, he helped me take a look at a few other apartments in the neighborhood. And once he got to know more or less like what we were looking for, he helped me find a wonderful attorney and he was able to explain everything in detail all the way to the end. And I really appreciate that.

The Bizzarro Agency itself, you know, once I got to know more of the people in the Bizzarro Agency, I guess I understand why they’re so special. I really appreciate everyone there.”


-Ramon Baez

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