The first step is to consult with a Bizzarro Agency listing agent. You’ll speak about your wants, needs, timeline and devise a plan to list your property at the right time and at the right price.

Once your property is on the market, you will need to hire a real estate attorney to prepare and negotiate the details of the contract. It’s important to choose an attorney that specializes in New York City residential real estate. Bizzarro Agency listing agents have an excellent network of real estate attorneys specializing in the NYC market.

During the next few weeks, many people will be in and out of your home – photographers, agents, potential buyers. Download our guide and read the tips below to prepare your home for photography and to make it presentable to potential buyers.

Preparing Your Home for PhotographyPrepare for Photography

You should prepare your house for photography. According to the Wall Street Journal, buyers perceive homes with professional photography to be worth, on average, 12% more than the actual price. These easy tips help our photographers take beautiful shots of your home.


  • Turn on all lights.
  • Open all blinds.
  • Hide any electrical cords.
  • Clean thoroughly.
  • Tidy any outdoor spaces.

Living Room

  • Remove magazines, mail, etc.
  • Fluff up any pillows and cushions.
  • Clean up any kids or pet toys.
  • Hide photo frames from surfaces.


  • Clear the countertops entirely.
  • Remove small appliances.
  • Hide all cleaning supplies.
  • Remove anything from the sink.

Dining Room

  • Hide any items on the tabletop.
  • Clean the tabletop.
  • Set the table. Use a centerpiece.
  • Straighten all chairs.


  • Clear the countertops entirely.
  • Leave out only new, unused towels.
  • Roll up the toilet paper.
  • Put the toilet seat down.


  • Make the bed.
  • Clear away all personal items.
  • Clean under the bed.
  • Put away all clothing and shoes.

Preparing Your Home For Sale Prepare for Sale

These tips will ensure your home gets sold for the best price possible.

  • Paint a neutral color scheme. White, gray, and beige walls will create a positive mood and make the space seem larger and brighter.
  • Open the curtains and raise the blinds. Let the sunshine in! Bright rooms feel warm and inviting, while dark rooms feel small and gloomy.
  • Bring in a few plants. Greenery adds life to your unit. Plants in transitional spaces like hallways also tie spaces together.
  • Remove all of your personal items. Removes special and unique items so buyers can visualize the space as their own.
  • Remove extra or unnecessary furniture. Some furniture blocks flow and clutters space. Play it safe by sticking to the bare minimum.
  • Remove electronics from countertops. Removing appliances and electronics from countertops will make your counter space appear mile-long.
  • Hide pet-related items and furniture. Don’t like Fido become the reason a buyer is hesitant to put in an offer. The space will seem larger and cleaner!
  • Clean your space. A clean home will allow buyers to picture themselves in the space without any distractions.

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